20 SEP 2017

Jababeka, Plaza Indonesia Teamed Up to Build New City

Developer Grahabuana Cikarang (Jababeka Residence) has teamed up with Plaza Indonesia Realty to come up with new mixed used developments in Jababeka City, Cikarang. The development is aimed at the middle-upper class. “Plaza Indonesia’s involvement is expected to result in an exemplary city,” said Jababeka Group CEO Setyono Djuandi Darmono during the signing of the MoU between the two developers in Jakarta on Monday, June 3.

The project includes shopping malls, convention hall, star rated hotels, apartments, and office buildings. The project will cover an area of 16 hectares located right next to the Jababeka Golf Course. “We expect to gain a large market from the eastern part of Jakarta within the next five years,” said Jababeka Residence Chief Commissioner Tanto Kurniawan.

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